White lies, white chocolate and new friends.

November 14, 2010 § 2 Comments




So, last weekend we went over to Victoria to be a part of a surprise 30th birthday celebration for our friend Cory.  No we didn’t go to Vancouver for the day as my previous post insinuated, I lied.  I couldn’t very well post about a surprise party now could I? 😉

Yes, I made a cake, a triple layer chocolate mousse cake but for the life of me I can’t bring myself to write about it.  No, no wait, it wasn’t bad.  I heard a satisfactory amount of “ooh”, “aah” and “mmm” and they were genuine I’m sure, well pretty sure, I appreciated them anyway.  Any guinea pigs from the party care to comment?  Be honest, I can take it.  Come on, please?  I thought we were all friends now?!  You know I’m not above bribing you with promises of more baked goods 😉  The cake  just isn’t what I took away from that Saturday night, it’s likely to only get a brief mention when I talk about “that time we went to Victoria for Cory’s 30th”.

There was food…oh, so good.  Halibut tacos, a burger with beets on it, YUM, who knew?  There was beer…FREE BEER…they were samples but like 1/2 glass samples, and you could get as many as you wanted…and they were FREE!!!  There was laughing, the kind that makes your stomach hurt and brings tears to your eyes, the kind of laughing that could make it hard to catch your breath, it was beautiful and I needed a night like that desperately.  Canoe Brew Pub, I’m sure we’ll be back.

We had an early reservation so those of us who didn’t have to drive back to The Mainland were fast approaching intoxicated before 7, a perfectly respectable thing to be at a 30th birthday celebration, no?  Oh, come on, we weren’t falling down, but you know that laughing I was talking about? It tended to come even easier than before, if that were even possible.  When we got back to our hosts’ apartment I unmolded my springform, unraveled parchment paper and lit candles, we sang and then ate three layers of chocolate.  The first layer was a version of a flourless chocolate cake topped with a dark chocolate mousse that was topped with white chocolate mousse, there was raspberry sauce too…Even as I typed that I found myself rushing to get to the good part…The cake was good, it was  about everything you could ask for in a mousse cake, light and airy, not too sweet, pretty perfectly chocolatey with a beautiful raspberry sauce balancing it out,  but that’s not what I’m going to remember.  I’m going to remember a group of 9, some who’d never met, coming together to celebrate the birthday among other milestones of a man we’re all lucky to call our friend.  I’m going to remember how odd it was to feel so quickly such a connection to people I barely knew, and how tragic it is that I found that so strange. 

So I’ll post this recipe and encourage you to make it, I assure you my lack of enthusiasm is strictly because the cake was largely overshadowed by good company. But I don’t mind being more smitten with my company then with my cake.  But if you like chocolate and you like mousse you can’t really go wrong with this cake.  I’ll post the original recipe and list my adaptations under it, I know, it would seem I stray from original recipes more often than I thought.

Triple Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake, recipe cut and pasted from the America’s Test Kitchen website.

Please don’t be intimidated by words like “imperative”, I hate it when a recipe starts off by freaking the crap out of you…don’t be scared, you can absolutely make this cake.  Just take your time and be sure to lick the bowls, beaters, spatulas etcetera.  This cake wasn’t hard to make, it just has a lot of steps and requires you to do dishes between steps, well, at least at my house, since I don’t have an endless supply of mixing bowls.  


Triple Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake, Serves 12 to 16 (or in my case 9-12)

Updated May 2011:  So I’m still learning the rules of this food blogging stuff and recently discovered that you are not actually supposed to post the directions of a recipe word for word, it’s a form of plagiarism.  Who knew?  Well, really, it makes sense when I think about it.  So if you want the recipe for this cake you’ll have to head over to The American Test Kitchen web site (link above).  I’m leaving my pictures so you can see what a unprofessional approach in a unproffessional kitchen looks like.

My adaptations were this…For the “bittersweet” chocolate I used a dark Callebaut ( I don’t know about that L-60-40-NV bit but what I used worked fine), it’s what they had in the bulk section at PriceSmart.  For the middle layer I mixed 4 ounces of milk chocolate (also Callebaut from PriceSmart) with 3 ounces of  the dark, I wanted a significant and noticeable difference of flavour in each layer.  I caved and bought instant espresso powder, ridiculously expensive, but I’m wondering if a few tablespoons of stong cooled espresso would have worked.



Happy 30th Birthday Cory.  I suspect I may have gotten more out of it then you did.


§ 2 Responses to White lies, white chocolate and new friends.

  • Let me explain the first picture: this is me with my hands behind my back because I am about to dive face first into the chocolate goodness like I am bobbing for apples. By the second picture I have snapped back to reality and have realized that I am in a room with 8 other people who, despite the slack afforded to me for my birthday, would inevitably kill me if I did anything other than blow out the candles and get on with distributing that gorgeous cake. Thank you for putting so much work into the cake Laticia. It was really delicious! I felt torn between feeling happy that everyone was getting to experience why we brag about you so often and jealous that they were finding the source of said brags. Lol, i’ve never been good at sharing. I’m sure that, after tasting the cake, everyone understands. Loved having you and Shane here. Counting the days to Christmas for an entirely different reason than presents! Sorry, Santa…you got shit all and nothing on this.


  • […] A great way to celebrate Cory’s entry into his thirties….he’s got 3 years to top that party!  For another recount of this evening and the birthday cake recipe, see Laticia’s post. […]

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